Scientific Report 2021 | CCR - Catnat

Scientific Report 2021 | CCR


As a leader in the French natural and man-made catastrophe reinsurance market, CCR has been building partnerships with the French and European scientific ecosystem for many years.

It is through the development of a modelling chain to simulate hazard (natural or man-made), that CCR positions itself as a key partner of the French State, prevention organisations and insurers, in terms of risk management.

To fulfil these missions, CCR has set several major objectives for its modelling platform:

•    Automate model development processes, to facilitate the integration of new risks or applications, particularly regarding floods.
•    Maintain the scientific relevance of the models through research and development. This includes better anticipation of the impact of drought events and the development of actions to simulate earthquakes and precisely forecast seismic risks.
•    Establish methodologies for the analysis and simulation of pandemic risks following COVID-19. 

The overall objective remains to inform the thought process of public authorities and stakeholders on the multiple consequences of climate change which is why CCR published its scientific report at the time of COP26 (2021 Climate Change Conference).

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CCR 2021 | Scientific Report

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